About our company

About us

We travel the world to connect with local farmers and plantations, we select what we believe are the best cocoa beans to create the best chocolate.
We pride ourselves with transparency, efficiency, on time delivery and great customer service.
We partner with the best players in the industry to be always able to find what is best for your needs and exceed your expectations.

Principles of Our Work

homepage-about-1We are transparent, efficient and professional. We believe that a sustainable business enriches everybody across the supply chain and for this reason we want to bring you FLAVOURS and STORIES.


homepage-about-2From fine/flavour to conventional cocoa beans, from specialty coffee to roasting and tasting, we bring years of experience to you.
We partner with the best cocoa and coffee producers, to coffee roasters and craft chocolate makers as well as machineries experts so that we can offer you an omni-comprehensive service.



Brand your Chocolate

Brand your corporate chocolate. An incredible journey around the world, trough amazing flavors and incredible stories. We chose and select the best cooperative and cocoa beans to work with, we process them for you to deliver a unique experience

Source with us

Let us know what you are looking for, if you don’t have it we can find it for you, through our extensive network either in origin or locally

Our Projects

a bridge between faces and flavours

Worldwide experience